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Land Leasing

Our operation is growing and we are looking to expand our pasture land.


We are currently seeking land leases in northern Columbia county within ~ 5 miles from the Pine Center area.


No Fence? No Problem. We will supply semi-permanent and temporary fencing, water and power as needed.


Are your fields idle after harvest? Talk to us about grazing cover crops in the fall!


If you are growing milkweed, broomsedge, pokeweed, thatch, or golden rod- We would like to hear from you!


These are great opportunities to build an active and healthy soil biology to promote quality forage growth and grazing.


Give us a call today to schedule an evaluation walk of your land! 570-317-6798

Dirt vs Soil

Healthy soils are the foundation for growing nutrient dense foods.


As soil health increase from minimal tillage, addition of natural fertilizer from animals, and excess carbon trampling the soil health improves and kick starts the microbes living in the soil. This active soil biology and cover crops continue to build organtic matter within the soils and promote greater water absorption rates.


This ability to store more usable moisture in the soil leads to longer growing seasons and the creation of standing winter stockpiles of forage to be grazed during the winter months.

Management Intensive Grazing

'Belties' originated in northern Scotland where they adapted to a cold climate with limited forage quality.


Today they make an excellent choice for MiG as they are a very hardy breed and maintain 'a will to live' attitude.

Our Belties are 100% grass fed with no antibiotics, no hormones, and no grower supplements..EVER!

Pasture raised +
free range poultry

Chickens and Guineas play in important role in breaking the worming cycle of our semi-permanent paddocks by limiting the number of eggs, worms, and ticks!

Weekend Market
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